What Really Happened on January 6th?

Ben Hamilton is a  former history teacher who’s finally snapped.  Now he throws himself into dangerous situations, because he thinks American civilization just might be collapsing, and he wants to at least write entertaining primary source documents about us for future history classes to read.

In Ben’s most recent adventure, he was in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021, interviewing anyone who would talk to him. He even interviewed  some of the people who stormed the Capitol Building. Read his unique, eye-witness account of January 6th in his new book: “Sorry Guys, We Stormed the Capitol.”

Ben is a certified teacher with a BA in political science and an MA in teaching, as well as real-world political experience and a very jaded sense of humor. All of which makes him (hopefully) the perfect man to Chase History, and try and understand our confusing times.

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Think of this as a time capsule.
Everything you read is 100% real.
These books are a collection of people I really spoke to
and of things I witnessed
with my own eyes.
These are little pieces
of the times that I lived through.

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