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I recorded eye-witness accounts of January 6th, as the Event was unfolding. I took pictures, I recorded interviews, I even spoke with people who confessed to breaking into the building and fighting with the police and got them to discuss their motivations and  what they believed was happening at the time they did it. Those are the important things that any self-respecting history class in the future would want in their primary source documents. And that’s what the Chasing History Project is all about, accurately recording historical events that may be difficult to understand, due to charged nature of news coverage in our time period. So, I’m making this entire collection of interviews and photos available to the public. Anyone can read and use these materials for their own analysis of The Event. My only conditions are that this material must never be used to deliberately push a narrative that the user knows is misleading, and I’d like to be credited (and informed) when these materials are being re-used, if possible.

People who’ve read my book will notice some of these interviews run longer than they did in my book. I tried to edit my book’s interviews very minimally, to maintain accuracy, but sometimes I just had to make cuts in the name of time. So this section of my website is also a statement of principle for me. I never made any cuts to my interviews that were deliberately misleading, and I can prove it because anyone who wants to can read the entire interview here. I’ve sorted all the pictures and interviews according to the chapter they first appeared in. All interviews include a complete transcript that you can read  and the original audio recording for you to listen to. Anything written in blue is an extra that did not appear in the original book. I’ve even added a few new comments, sort of like a DVD commentary track, to hopefully keep the materials interesting enough to warrant a 2nd read through. Enjoy the Special Features Section!

PROLOGUE: Chasing History


Interview: The Linebacker

Click for audio interviewAudio File – “The Linebacker” who broke open the doors of the Capitol and shoved aside police inside.

Click to read transcriptWritten Transcript -“The Linebacker” who broke open the doors of the Capitol and shoved aside police inside.










As promised in the book, I am posting this InfoWars sticker video for all to see:

INTERLUDE: The Usual Suspects






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